At Branche d’Olive we are committed to making our products and packaging as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. We are constantly working to find new ways to bring you the products you love in the most environmentally friendly way.

Following a cross brand review of packaging sustainability, we identified a number of areas where we were able to reduce our environmental impact.


We use a local Oxford-based box maker for all our 100% recyclable outer boxing. To make sure your products are kept safe in transit, we use 100% recycled plastic bubble wrap and Hexcel Wrap; both are fully recyclable. As well as being made from biodegradable recycled paper, Hexcel keeps products in place with its interlocking design without any need for adhesive tape.



All our 100% recyclable product boxes, such as those used for Branche d’Olive Scented Candles and Room Diffusers, are UK made and use World Land Trust Carbon Balanced Paper. The unavoidable emissions from the production and distribution of Carbon Balanced Paper have been offset by the World Land Trust programme.

World Land Trust logo


All our clear, first use plastic bottles and non-recyclable ‘chrome’ collared closures have been replaced. The classic, slim profiled bottles as used for Branche d’Olive Liquid Hand Washes and Bath & Body Ranges are now UK manufactured 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic; they are also 100% recyclable. PCR is recycled plastic made from discarded items such as plastic milk and drinks bottles which would have otherwise been disposed of in landfill sites. You will notice that PCR bottles are not totally clear, they have a smokey look. We see this as a badge of honour, a sustainable style to complement all kitchen, bathroom or washroom settings.  As far as our first use plastic 200ml refill bottles are concerned – these are, finally, being replaced with EEC manufactured 100% PCR.  Many are already in stock and we expect to be fully PCR by August 2023.  There’s a very slight colour difference, the bottles feel less rigid and on the base the code PET becomes PETE.  Who knew?   All the bottles are also 100% recyclable.

The glass we use for the room diffusers, candles and room sprays is fully recyclable. However you may find, like we do, that they make lovely vases for flowers or handy decorative pots for stationery and makeup brushes.

It is not only our glassware that can be repurposed. Did you know that the reeds from our Room Diffusers can retain their fragrance for weeks so, when we have finished with them, we love to dry them completely before placing in our linen cupboards, drawers, cars or boot rooms. Our beautiful voile bags can also double up as useful drawstring bags for just about anything from hair clips, jewellery and even emergency sewing kits. The possibilities are endless!

We are currently trialling new soaps wraps to replace the current cellophane. These new wraps are made from a fully compostable and anaerobically biodegradable cellulose film, progress at the moment is slow, not least because the wraps begin to biodegrade quite quickly – it’s a work in progress!

Our search continues for recycled voile and UK manufactured pierced ware. If you know of somewhere we may be able to source these or have any suggestions of how we may improve our environmental footprint, please contact us today.